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Founder, Chief Story Engineer
"I view the relationship—supervisor to intern —as extremely symbiotic."

Jenn Halweil, founder and Chief Story Engineer at #GoBeyond, has repeatedly partnered with Futures and Options since her company was founded in 2018. “We have hired and supervised over a dozen interns at this point and it’s been a wonderful experience each time.” 

Jenn developed a passion for career-readiness and youth development early. “I am the daughter of a single parent and would not be here today without people who stepped in outside of my household, mentored me, and gave me educational opportunities. We are very much communal creatures and a lot of what youth learn, they don’t just learn at home,” Jenn shared. “When we’re thinking about building a better future, it’s important that from day one we have young people at the table helping guide the discussion, the companies we want to create, and the values we want to espouse.” 

#GoBeyond, an educational media initiative and creative agency, is dedicated to crafting stories that challenge misconceptions and elevate diverse innovators. Futures and Options interns who are hired at #GoBeyond work with Jenn and her team to learn how to tell compelling stories, develop skills with systems like Adobe or Google Suite, and stay organized by breaking big projects down into smaller steps. “I view the relation-ship—–supervisor to intern—–as extremely symbiotic,” Jenn said. “What we learn from students is how they interpret the work that we’re doing. We get a fresh perspective and they get hands-on experience, build confidence, and have a project to show at the end. The world works better when you encourage people to be problem solving and take ownership.” 

#GoBeyond was undeterred during the Covid pandemic, and hired interns in 2020 and 2021. “I don’t want to downplay how difficult this year was, for lots of people,” Jenn shared. Difficulties aside, Jenn and her team pivoted and re-imagined their work in this era: “What does storytelling look like now? How do you run a business when you used to rely on live events?” In an apt metaphor, Jenn compared her team’s struggle and reinvention to burning crops for winter because the ash makes for more fertile soil, making it easier to plant in spring. “You have to deconstruct, Phoenix-style, before you can come back stronger,” Jenn said. “Problems are just opportunities.” 

One of Jenn’s favorite parts of working with Futures and Options students is how many stay in touch, update her about their college and career successes, and want her to know how transformative the internship was to them. And some, like Mohammad Mahee, return to work at #GoBeyond while in college. “Mohammad was very much a self-starter,” Jenn said. “I think this generation will end up more resilient for this, in terms of their ability to be accountable, whether or not someone is watching them.”

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