In the face of a global pandemic that impacted every aspect of daily life last year, our students demonstrated exceptional resilience, adapting to remote technology and virtual platforms, taking advantage of online mentoring and internships, and building a strong community along the way. We are so inspired by their determination to pursue dreams of higher education and meaningful careers, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


We have the deepest gratitude for our business partners who reimagined how to open their “virtual” doors for our interns, and for the Futures and Options team who re-conceived how programming could thrive in a virtual landscape, giving rise to innovative new programs such as Futures Academy and The Externship Experience.


As we look toward the future and the rebuilding of our world, we are excited to harness the creativity and collaboration of our vast web of supporters––schools, business partners, volunteers, donors, and students. Together, we have a vision of what our colleges and workforces can look like if all young people were given meaningful access to higher education, mentors, and career opportunities, and together, we will make this vision a reality.

FY2021 Annual Report

Futures and Options FY2021 Annual Report